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Interview - AaRON

AaRON started their journey creating a melodious experience made of an emotional inspection, and transported our feelings, just like angel dust. I felt with Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland, a certain melancholy, going from brightness to darkness, picturing a contemporary romanticism mastered by the duo. It's now have been over eight years since it all started for Olivier Coursier and Simon Buret.
How do you interpret this first musical experience together ?
Well, the feeling is like a giant tsunami that knocks gently at your door. We made music on the hour that we met, and by the end of the day , two songs were "born". It gave us a feeling that something exciting was entering our lives, that our souls had a lot to share. Since this day, the feeling is still there with us.
What did you both learn within this first creative accomplishment ?
 Life is a perpetual movement that anything, even what you don't expect becomes possible. Maybe music is the most powerful link…

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